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Custom Bike Fits and Power & Fitness Testing on Our Tacx Computer Trainer and CycleOps Power Tap

Why Spoke Folk Fits Are Different

We have been performing bike fits for years and believe that you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on computer based systems to achieve an optimal fit.

We start by asking you about your riding habits. Where did you ride? How far and how fast? When climbing, do you stand or sit? Do you like to spin or push big gears?

When we have a full understanding of your riding habits, we employ tried and true methods of setting you up on your bike. We consider this only a starting point. Getting your basic fit correct is important but to really fine tune the bike to suit your riding style and habits it will be necessary to make small incremental adjustments of perhaps just a couple of millimeters.

To get your basic fit, we set you up on your bike in our custom fit center.  We then work with you to optimize your fit. We do this by sharing a one-on-one ride during which we will observe how you ride. We note your natural hand, foot, knee and elbow positions, cadence, gear selection, braking techniques, how often you stand, how you climb and descend, how you ride over rough roads and your posture and hand positions when you are tired. We will then combine our observations with years of riding experience to make small adjustments in saddle, handlebar and cleat positions. We will also provide you with coaching advice and suggest ways in which you can improve your comfort, efficiency and power. We will then ask you to check in with us after a few rides to determine if further adjustments are necessary.

In this way we are able to get the best fit and position for each rider.

PowerPower & Fitness Training on The TACX Computer Trainer

The Tacx system is available for power and lactate threshold testing as well as individual training & workout sessions.

If it’s too wet or dark for you to want to train outside or you are bored with riding your own trainer in the garage, come in and ride our Tacx computer trainer. You can ride a variety of virtual terrains with or without opponents or you can ride the Tour of Flanders or Milan San Remo using the real life video courses.

You can establish your own training program or if you are already training under the guidance of a personal coach or trainer you can integrate Tacx workouts as part of your regular regime as a way of monitoring and quantifying your progress. We can also provide power and lactate threshold testing. Come in for a FREE trial and we will show you the features of the Tacx Virtual Trainer.


We offer the CycleOps Power Tap wheel for demo and rental. The Power Tap can be used to baseline your power and fitness on your favorite training ride and then perodically to monitor your progress.

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